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Luxury River Cruises in South East Asia

Heritage Line YLANG will bring cruising in Lan Ha Bay to a new level.
Equipped with only 10 spacious suites,
Heritage Line YLANG  gives tourists a large room for relaxing and enjoying a healthy lifestyle. A cruise lasting 3 days and 2 nights on Heritage Line YLANG to explore the most wonderful things in Lan Ha Bay, including pristine fishing villages, imposing islands, peaceful beaches and mysterious forests. You will have an exclusive chance to get closer to nature, local residents and their peaceful daily life. All meals are carefully prepared, all activities are taken into consideration to meet the demands of passengers, and all cruise members will do their best to serve the needs of customers.

In the morning, you can take part in the Taichi exercise on the terrace deck, and enjoy a cup of tea while watching the sunrise. In the late afternoon, you can enjoy a spa treatment, take a steam bath, have a cup of cocktail or join the cooking class. Every activity on Heritage Line YLANG is an intriguing experience for you, and the unforgettable moments of your journey to Lan Ha Bay.


Heritage Line YLANG – on Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam– 2 nights - Senses of Lan Ha Circuit     
Dedicated to well-being and serenity, Ylang and its three-day / two-night journey offers guests deep insights into Lan Ha natural beauty, all while providing a holistic wellness experience.

Signature Suite –$570.00  
Interline Members Rate $439.00

Dates June to September

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