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Luxury River Cruises in South East Asia

Heritage Line ANOUVONG is one of the pioneering vessels that offers leisure cruising along upper Mekong River in Laos, and is the first of its kind boutique style river cruise liner from Heritage Line unique ship collection in the sleepy land-locked country. Offering ten staterooms only, along with finest interior, exclusive art design, private balcony and en-suite separate bathroom in each room, Heritage Line ANOUVONG focuses on the utmost comfort as well as privacy for passengers during the entire itinerary. Aiming to bring the utmost luxury as well as to capture Laotian serenity and exotic spirit in the most natural ways, Heritage Line ANOUVONG promises unforgettable experiences along the rather unknown and remote upper Laotian Mekong with various highlights and fascinating local activities both on and off-board.


Heritage Line ANOUVONG– along the Upper Mekong, from Huay Xay to Luang Praban and vice versa– 3 days - Golden Triangle Traverse

A slow voyage along the timeless upper Mekong River revealing captivating landscapes, remote native communities, and unique cultural insights. 

Superior stateroom Retail – $1421.00  
Interline Members Rate $1099.00

Dates – Aug 27 | Sep 4, 26 | Oct 4, 18, 30 | Nov 11.

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